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Shaw - 12oz Coffee TinShaw - 12oz Coffee Tin
7th Street Coffee 12oz Tin7th Street Coffee 12oz Tin
Waypoint - 12oz Coffee TinWaypoint - 12oz Coffee Tin
Spicy Garlic and Vinegar Curry (VINDALOO)
Cookbook - Indian Cooking From My Mom
Emblem Espresso - 12oz Coffee TinEmblem Espresso - 12oz Coffee Tin
Salted Caramel Chai
Rupen's Salted Caramel Chai
Sale price$11.00
Masala Chai
Rupen's Masala Chai
Sale price$11.00
Pineapple Buffalo Sauce
8 Myles Frozen BBQ Mac and Cheese - 8oz
Mango Magic BBQ Sauce
8 Myles Frozen Three Cheese Homestyle Mac - 8oz
8 Myles Frozen Buffalo Mac N' Cheese - 8oz
Rupen's Gourmande
Sale price$149.00
Rupen's Anglo
Sale price$87.00
Rupen's Regal
Sale price$87.00
Creamy Curry (MAKHANI)
Rupen's Vegan
Sale price$66.00
Rupen's Signature
Sale price$66.00
Embassy - 12oz Coffee TinEmbassy - 12oz Coffee Tin
Cardinal Roast Coffee - 12oz TinCardinal Roast Coffee - 12oz Tin
Vanilla Chai
Rupen's Vanilla Chai
Sale price$11.00
Cardinal Roast Decaf - 12 oz Coffee TinCardinal Roast Decaf - 12 oz Coffee Tin
Azimuth Coffee 12oz TinAzimuth Coffee 12oz Tin
Rupen's Suite
Sale price$87.00
Spiced Yogurt Marinade (TANDOORI)
Spicy Coconut Tomato Curry (MADRAS)
Smashed JalapeΓ±os (THECHA)
Spicy Creamy Curry (TIKKA MASALA)
Spicy Barbecue Marinade (KANDOO)
Mango (LAUNJI)
Rupen's Mango (LAUNJI)
Sale price$14.00
Red Chili Paste (TAMBDA)
Homestyle Curry (MASALA)
Eggplant (VANGI)
Rupen's Eggplant (VANGI)
Sale price$12.00
Cookbook - Popular Restaurant Dishes
Creamy Almond Coconut Curry (KORMA)
Curry Spinach (SAAG)
Rupen's Curry Spinach (SAAG)
Sale price$13.00
Rupen's Chutneys
Sale price$25.00
Cookbook - Ayurveda Cookbook
Rupen's Classic
Sale price$50.00
Chai Tea Set
Rupen's Chai Tea Set
Sale price$31.00
Chili Pastes
Rupen's Chili Pastes
Sale price$25.00

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