We quit our jobs in the tech industry and started Creek because we believe that it should be easier to buy from local stores than from anywhere else. Creek helps small businesses amplify each others’ reach and makes shopping local more convenient for customers. 

We believe that the easier is to shop local, the more consumers will buy more from local stores. And when they do, more money will stay in the DC community. 



I am a local business owner, how do I get included on this site?

Contact us at hello@creekdc.com with your store name and website.

How does Creek work for businesses?


 How quickly will I get paid when someone orders my products on Creek?

When we receive an order on Creek, we’ll place the order on your website within minutes so you’ll get paid almost immediately and can keep track of inventory.  

How much does Creek cost?

We take a 5% fee on sales in addition to credit card fees. We send an invoice with our fees for the month that’s payable by debit/credit card or ACH.

Is Creek limited to brick and mortar locations?

Not at all. If you are a local producer, we are happy to have you!

This all looks great, what’s the catch?

We’ve worked to make sure our business model is aligned with the incentives of local business. Our business gets stronger by helping more local businesses reach more local customers.

Something we missed?

Please contact us at hello@creekdc.com. We are happy to chat!