Ban Chan Vase

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This elegant vase is minimalist in design with an iridescent interior glaze. The vase was hand-thrown using traditional methods and fired in earthen ovens.

  • dimensions: 4”H x 4”D

  • material: clay

  • color: dark gray

  • origin: Laos

  • care: Hand wash and air dry.

  • note: As unique, handmade art, no two pieces will be identical and color varies across monitors. Our website photos are a close representation of this work, but may not be identical to the piece you receive.

The Story // The village of Ban Chan has been making pottery using traditional methods for over four hundred years.  Dating back to the 16th century, the first king of Laos held a celebration after winning a large battle.  He requested each village bring something different to the celebration.  The people of Ban Chan brought their clay pots, which are still made in the same way today as they were back then. To learn more, read Artisan Snapshot: Ban Chan Pottery Village.

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