Botanical Disc Bauble IV

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This charming glass bauble with dried botanicals will add a modern and minimalist touch to your holidays. After the holidays, incorporate this botanical accent to your year-round décor for a soft, yet impactful look. The ornament contains The ornament contains varying colors of pink and purple statice. Mix and match with other bauble styles!

  • dimensions: 3.5”x1.5”x3.5” (disc)

  • material: glass and dried botanicals

  • color: pink and purple

  • origin: USA

  • care: Gently wipe with a soft, dry cloth.

  • note: As unique, handmade art, no two pieces will be identical and color varies across monitors. Our website photos are a close representation of this work, but may not be identical to the piece you receive. For best longevity, handle gently and avoid exposure to direct sunlight or moisture. With extended time, the color will begin to fade slightly.

The Story // As 2020 was hit by global pandemic with travel restrictions, we found light, beauty and inspiration outdoors locally. The botanical collection was created with mostly regional flowers and foliage handpicked from our backyards and local farms — preserved with care. The botanical collection contains dried statice, roses, baby’s breath, amaranth globe, lavender, celosia and more.

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