Kamala Harris

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Do you smell that?

That's the flowery aroma of women's empowerment -- the citrusy scent of political parity -- and the refreshing whiff of strong and determined leadership (otherwise known as the Kamala scent, duh). 😉

In anticipation of Inauguration Day, WitchieWicks is excited to announce the launch of our brand new scent to honor the barrier-breaking future Vice President herself! Think of this candle an ode to our first ever woman and African-American Vice President: scents of lotus flower to represent the meaning behind her name; nodes of magnolia and agave to pay homage to her subtle but unwavering femininity; and mint and bamboo to signify the fresh start her leadership commands.

Not to mention, this candle is a sure-proof way to see Kamala's face light up, in case you're in need of cheering up 🙂

9oz soy and coconut blend of natural wax, hand poured, made in DC!

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