citrus + sea salt + sandal

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Top: citrus, sea salt, ozone

Middle: sea salt, sandal

Base: cardamom, dark musk

This airy, balanced blend brings the essence of salty ocean air into your favorite spaces. Mysterious and intriguing as the pull of the deep sea, Brett, combines the fresh salinity of the ocean with notes of bright citrus and resinous sandalwood. Bold top notes are rounded by gentle cardamom spice and dark musk to create a beguiling, sexy, yet contemporary scent.


100% natural soy wax

lead-free, cotton wick

phthalate free

40 hour burn time

please reuse and recycle our clear glass jar and silver lid

Who is Brett?,

Brett is named in honor of one of the coolest, most chill guys we ever met. He is the perfect counter to his girlfriend's extroverted nature. He’s that background guy who comes in right on time with a zinging commentary, who is fully confident and never flustered.

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