jasmine + amber + sandalwood

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Top: orange

Middle: jasmine

Base: amber, musk, woody

A good time, our Tom Moulton scent is sexy and pulsating like a Friday night at the discotheque. This exotic blend begins with a splash of crisp citrusy orange notes, mingling with soft jasmine and finishing with seductive sandalwood, amber and musk.


100% natural soy wax

lead-free, cotton wick

phthalate free

40 hour burn time

please reuse and recycle our clear glass jar and silver lid

Who is Tom Moulton?

Tom Moulton, perhaps the most important person you’ve never heard of, is a record producer credited with inventing the 12-inch single vinyl format as well as the 'breakdown' section. His discovery allowed songs to be longer than three minutes. His experimentation with the remix in disco music lead to its wide adoption as a standard industry practice. He also mixed the song Doctor Love (we made a scent for it!) by First Choice (we are named for one of their singers!). We highly recommend looking up ‘Tom Moulton Remix’ and sending a silent thanks anytime you hear a song longer than three minutes.

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