Comida Cubana, A Cuban Culinary Journey Cookbook

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An Illustrated Collection of Recipes for Every Day Chefs

From Slow Cooked Pork to Avocado Pineapple Salad, Marcella's second book, Comida Cubana, beautifully illuminates a variety of Cuban Classics. Marcella traveled to Cuba in 2016 and cooked with over a dozen people on the island, sketching and recording her travels along the way. Her experiences unfold in the headnotes of every page and the book is comprised of over 100 distinctive hand drawn recipes in watercolor and pen and ink. 

Similar to her first book, Comida Cubana is an art piece and a cookbook in one, but dives deeper into the history and origin of recipes, and includes her vibrant watercolors on every page. 

"Marcella's bright, colorful illustrations really capture the heart and vibrancy of Cuban cuisine."

~José Garces, Iron Chef, Restauranteur

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