Black Oak Body Butter

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This body butter has a velvety texture that melts as soon as it touches your skin. Organic coconut oil and cocoa butter give your skin extra protection during dry winter months. With a scent of freshly chopped wood stacked in a forest glade, underneath are sweet notes of chocolate that come from 100% natural unrefined cocoa butter.Β 
Ingredients: non-GMO soy butter, organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, essential oils of organic vanilla, organic ho wood, organic benzoin resin, organic black pepper, and oakmoss absolute, vitamin E oil

Please note: This product may soften or melt in warm weather. That is why it is offered seasonally. Store in the fridge if it has melted, or you see the weather warming. Black Oak Body Butter is whipped, so if it melts, the texture and volume will change, but it is perfectly fine to continue using.


Mayapple Soaps are made in small batches in a solar-powered kitchen in Brookland, a historic neighborhood in Washington, DC. Ingredients are sourced as close to home as you can get β€” starting with an on-site garden and locally-grown herbs.

Our promise to you is skincare with high-quality, natural ingredients you can pronounce: organic oils and butters, locally-sourced goat milk, and steam-distilled essential oils. Not only is this gentle on your skin, but it’s also gentle on the earth! Our soap is packaged in 100% recycled paper, and other products come in glass containers you may return.

  • No palm oil
  • No chemical fragrances
  • No parabens
  • No sodium laurel sulfate
  • No petroleum products

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