Chai Tea Set

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Our unique Chai Tea Set brings you the best of both worlds. A perfect 'pick me up' for your mornings, our chai collection has a wide variety of Indian tea latte flavors to please your different moods and cravings.

Masala Chai - 'Masala' is a spice-blend, and our Masala Chai is India tea spiced with masala that is the lifeline of India. The aromatic spices in this tea will surely transport you to India.

Vanilla Chai - Flavored with good quality sweet vanilla, this Vanilla Chai is a perfect east meets west blend for that unique but familiar taste.

Salted Caramel Chai - Flavored with salted caramel crystals, our Salted Caramel Chai will wake you up with that extra sweetness and the flavors of caramel.

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