Chili Pastes

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In this collection, you will receive both our chili pastes.

SMASHED JALAPENOS (Thecha)‘Thecha’ is a hot and spicy condiment from India. Traditionally, thecha is stone ground and used to flavor food or a condiment along with your meal. 

RED CHILI PASTE (Tambda) - ‘Tambda’ literally means red. This fiery red chili paste is a hot and spicy condiment from India. Made with spicy red chilies and garlic, this paste is a great flavoring agent for several dishes.


Delightful ways to use our Chili Pastes:

  • Straight - Use it as a dip, remember, it is SUPER HOT!
  • Add a kick to your burgers. Slather a burger bun with some of our chili paste.
  • Make Spicy Mayo, Spicy Sour Cream, and Spicy Cream Cheese. Add as much or as little as you need.
  • Add to sauces/stews/soups.
  • Add it to meats and marinades, or simply use our chili paste, mix some honey, and there you go, you have a spicy glaze.
  • Be it omelets, scrambled eggs, or deviled eggs, our red chili sauce is a great way for that little kick.



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