Why we started Creek

Welcome to Creek! 

I started Creek with my co-founder Byron based on two main ideas:
1. It should be easier to shop from local stores than from anywhere else
2. Local businesses are stronger together than on their own.

The pandemic helped many of us realize the importance of shopping local. One study from Accenture found that in the last year, there was a 40% increase in people who want to shop local.

We've spent time talking to some of the people in this group. While they want to shop from local stores, many also told us that it was much easier to shop on Amazon, knowing they could shop in one cart and get all their items in 2 days. The numbers back that up: while local businesses we love had to shut down in the last year, Amazon tripled their profits during the pandemic. (you read that right, tripled!)

Our goal with Creek is to make it even easier to shop from local stores than from Amazon. So people never have to decide between their convenience and supporting their community.

By bringing local businesses together, we can help businesses run independently while giving some of the advantages that Amazon has. When consumers can shop from local stores all in one place, each local business benefits and can reach more people. We can also make sure customers can get orders delivered faster and cheaper than if each local business were working independently.

We're only getting started here. My cofounder and I both left our jobs and are working full-time on Creek. We both grew up in the DC area and are excited to support businesses here. If we do our jobs well, we hope to help existing local businesses flourish, more local businesses get started, and more DC residents enjoy local shopping, knowing their money goes right back into supporting their community.


- Mario Sukkar

Co-founder of Creek

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